Platform Specifications


  • Daily encrypted backups are securely uploaded to Amazon S3. We use the strongest cryptographic algorithms and keep the archives on arguably the most redundant storage available to humankind.
  • Automated WordPress updates. We’ll even update your plugins every few weeks. No more worrying if you are on the latest version.
  • Automated remote monitoring that keeps easyPress system administrators aware of the state of the platform at all times.
  • Our PHP processors are configured to disallow many potentially dangerous PHP functions from executing on our servers.
  • Our web server software is configured to prevent the execution of PHP code in areas of your website where it’s not supposed to.
  • We give you the option to lock down your website’s files and directories which protects against bugs in plugins and themes that could unwittingly allow a malicious hacker to upload files or do other unsavory things to your website. During lock down you can still create and modify your content. It’s as easy as flicking a switch.
  • Choose to access your WordPress admin screens over SSL. SSL encrypts all of the communication between your browser and the easyPress servers so your WordPress passwords and cookies are protected while in transit.
  • Direct access to your files is via the secure file transfer protocol (SFTP) only.
  • By default, we use randomly generated database table prefixes. This can help prevent some SQL injection attacks.
  • Shell access to the easyPress servers is only accessible to our system administrators.
  • Ridiculously long and random default passwords for wp-admin and SFTP accounts.


The keyword of this section is caching. It’s great for performance. We do it at every layer of our software stack.

  • The nginx web server is what we use to power the easyPress platform. Lightweight and fast, nginx is trusted by the likes of WordPress.com, Facebook and Netflix.
  • Nginx is also responsible for the caching of dynamic web content.
  • MySQL caching at multiple levels.
  • PHP-FPM is our dedicated PHP Fast-CGI process manager.
  • PHP opcode and data caching via APC speeds up running all of the PHP code that makes up WordPress.
  • We monitor the response times of our customers’ websites with our own external tools as well as third party applications.
  • We don’t use web based admin tools such as cpanel, plesk or webmin because they can significantly slow down a server.


  • We focus on WordPress hosting alone.
  • Just 3 tools to manage your site (although all you may ever need is wp-admin):
  1. WordPress Administration Screens (wp-admin)
  2. Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP)
  3. phpMyAdmin
  • Email us if you need help.
  • Rest assured your site is up to date and performing optimally.


  • Integration with your easyDNS service.
  • See our list of benefits for details about bundled easyDNS service levels.