Overage Policy

We want our customers to succeed. We want every site hosted on the easyPress platform to get torrents of traffic. We love it when we hear our customers tell us, “We just got slashdot’ed!”. These days more of our customers are saying things like, “We got reddit’ed!” or hackernews’ed. But the best part is when they follow that up with, “And the site didn’t crash! It was super fast during the traffic spike!”.

So what’s our official policy on overage? Here it is, in splendid non-legalese:

If you surpass your plan’s limits for 3 months in a row we will ask you to upgrade to the next plan up. We never shut sites down and all limits shown are soft limits so if you get a burst of traffic we have no automated systems that will throttle your visitors. If you have one super busy month, we’re ok with that, no need to change your plan. If it’s clear after 3 consecutive months that your requirements have changed then we’ll get in touch to make sure you know the situation.

There are some exceptions. If your site surpasses the limits of the plan you are on by 3 times or more in a single month then we will ask you to upgrade to the next plan up. So, for example, if you are on The Starter plan and your site sends 15 or more gigabytes of data to your viewers you will be asked to upgrade to The Deal.