Multisite Domain Mapping Now Included in The Steal

We are excited to announce that when you sign up for The Steal you also have the option to use domain mapping if you are building a multisite network. Domain mapping allows you to point any domain that you control to a site within a multisite network. This works both with subdomain and subdirectory multisite configurations.

Multisite has been a very powerful way to turn a regular WordPress website into network of website with centralized control over users, plugins and themes. Typically multisite iss used for projects that required several sites that are somehow related with a common purpose. It was up to the website administrator how those sites would be accessed, either by splitting the sites into subdomains

or using subdirectories

Domain mapping allows the administrator to map a uniqure domain to those subdomain or subdirectory sites    -->  -->   -->

Domain mapping takes multisite to the next level!