More About WordPress Updates on easyPress

One of the great things about hosting your WordPress website with easyPress is that we relieve you from having to worry about updates. Keeping WordPress up to date is really important because it’s a major target for malicious hackers. The reason WP is a target is because there are millions of installations across the internet giving the attackers a potentially huge target/weapon at their disposal when a successful vulnerability is found and compromised.

Our primary goal for keeping our customers’ sites updated is to protect them from getting hacked. When a new version of WordPress is released because of a security issue we do everything in our power to upgrade all sites within 12 hours. You may have noticed that the latest version of WordPress is 3.8.1. You also may have noticed that your site might be running on version 3.6.1. Have we failed to keep our promise? Absolutely not. Version 3.6.1 is still considered secure.

We love the new features that are added to new major versions of WordPress. We are also old-hat system administrators and developers who’ve been around the block quite a bit so we like to install and manage software that’s proven to be reliable. That’s the reason you won’t ever see an update to a major version (e.g. 3.7, 3.8, 3.9) within the first month of it being made publicly available. We believe this to be a safe deployment policy. You can read more about when your site will get automatically update under the Help section of this site or on the Service Level Agreement.

Of course, the bottom line is it’s your site so you are free to update to the latest version if you want to. Just click the update link in your admin screens and have fun running on the latest and greatest version of WordPress. We’ll be doing it for all sites not already updated within the next few weeks.