What Is Managed WordPress Hosting?

So what is managed WordPress hosting, anyway?

Managed means a few things depending on who you talk to. A finance person would say, “It will reduce our IT costs.”. The IT person would say, “It will improve the security, availability and performance of our system.” The small business owner would say, “It lets me focus on my message and strategy instead of server operations.” Managed WordPress hosting delivers on all of those points.

When you delegate the day to day operations of your website to easyPress you’re relieving yourself of the work involved in securing, optimizing and managing the underlying technology which includes networks, servers, operating systems, web servers, application servers, and the website software itself (in our case, WordPress). All of these components need care and feeding in their own unique way which takes a very broad range of skills to address. This is what easyPress does best. We are network, systems and software (aka DevOps) engineers who ensure that the common underlying pieces of technology which make your website work are in a state of nerdly perfection.

easyPress is headquartered in Toronto, Canada but the platform is globally distributed across multiple data centres. We offer all customers the option to keep their website and data in Canada.