Moving Your Site to HTTPS

Maybe you read our post about how we moved the site to HTTPS. Maybe you are very concerned about the overall security of the internet and want to do your part. Or is it that Google is using site speed as a search ranking? Whatever the reasons, we’ve written this article to make it […]

Changing Your Database Password

We are serious about our passwords here at easyPress. You might have noticed our 23 random character passwords for your WordPress admin user we generated during the installation of your site. That’s the kind of password that will keep your site safe from brute force and dictionary attacks. The site provides some tools for […]

More About WordPress Updates on easyPress

One of the great things about hosting your WordPress website with easyPress is that we relieve you from having to worry about updates. Keeping WordPress up to date is really important because it’s a major target for malicious hackers. The reason WP is a target is because there are millions of installations across the internet […]

Removing the WordPress admin User

Brute force login attempts are typically against the admin user. The admin user used to be the default username of the first administrator created when installing WordPress but since version 3.0 the installation now asks you what you want to name it. By removing the admin user you are forcing the malicious hackers out there […]

Protecting Your WordPress Website

The easyPress platform is designed to prevent your site from getting hacked. You can read the high level details on our Specs page. This page provides some additional steps you can take to improve the overall security of your WordPress environment. Security is best practiced as a series of countermeasures against know vulnerabilities or threats. […]

Antispam Recommendations

Spam is a bummer, as I’m sure most of you agree. Here are some antispam tools we’ve personally used. This first one is great Anti-spam Pros super simple, no configuration integrates seamlessly with any theme free So far no cons. Crazy, I know. Another strategy is to use 2 plugins together. For example, I’ve had […]

Resetting Your SFTP Password

You can use the easyPress console to reset your SFTP password. Simply click on the “Reset Password” menu option and follow the directions. The following images are screenshots of how to find the reset password page:

Lost or forgot your WordPress password?

WordPress provides a handy way to change your password if you’ve lost or forgotten it. On the login page below the username and password fields there is a link labeled “Lost your password?” Click on it then enter your username or email address in the field provided. WordPress will email you a new one.  

Use SSH Keys for Password-less SFTP Logins

You will notice that in your root directory, the same one you’ll find your WordPress directory within when you SFTP in, also contains a .ssh directory. In there you’ll find an authorized_keys file. You can add as many SSH public keys as you’d like to authorized_keys which provides a means to allow password-less logins and […]

Security warning for wp-admin and SSL certificates

easyPress uses SSL/TLS to secure its customers’ WordPress administration screens from eavesdropping. One benefit of using SSL/TLS is that when you log into your WordPress website your username and password are encrypted from your browser to our servers. The only issue with how we make this possible is that we’re letting you borrow our security […]