More About WordPress Updates on easyPress

One of the great things about hosting your WordPress website with easyPress is that we relieve you from having to worry about updates. Keeping WordPress up to date is really important because it’s a major target for malicious hackers. The reason WP is a target is because there are millions of installations across the internet […]

Migrating Your WordPress Data

Here are some scenarios in which you might need to migrate your WordPress data: New domain – Currently your site is hosted on and the URL is but now you bought the domain name and want to host your site there. Development site – Currently your site,, is happily serving your […]

Creating Your New WordPress Site

Whether you are a first time WordPress user or not you may need to build your new site while your existing site continues to run. If you immediately update your DNS settings to point to easyPress what you’ll see is a default installation of WordPress. That’s probably not what you want. So, you have a […]

Learning WordPress

Here are some great resources for learning how to use WordPress. The Official WordPress User Manual – This is a living document created and maintained by the amazing and dedicated team. Easy WP Guide – You wont find any talk of HTML, PHP or creating WP Themes here. What you will find […]

Configuring Your easyDNS Settings for easyPress

After your site has been provisioned you will receive an email with the information you need to configure your DNS settings. The primary setting is your “A” record. You can find that by logging into your easyDNS account at and then going into your Domain Settings under the Domain Administration page which you can […]

Restricting Access to Your Website

There are times when you want to prevent the world from seeing your website. One reason might be that you are in the process of designing and developing and don’t want to share in your progress since it might not be ready for all eyes. Another reason might be that you only want registered users […]

Setting up a site when your domain is not managed via easyDNS

Given that a core tenet over at easyDNS has always been “to drive a stake through the heart of lock-in in all it’s forms”, it is of course possible to setup your easyPress installation on a domain name that is not managed by easyDNS. To do this you just need to point the DNS for […]

Removing the WordPress admin User

Brute force login attempts are typically against the admin user. The admin user used to be the default username of the first administrator created when installing WordPress but since version 3.0 the installation now asks you what you want to name it. By removing the admin user you are forcing the malicious hackers out there […]

Protecting Your WordPress Website

The easyPress platform is designed to prevent your site from getting hacked. You can read the high level details on our Specs page. This page provides some additional steps you can take to improve the overall security of your WordPress environment. Security is best practiced as a series of countermeasures against know vulnerabilities or threats. […]

Debugging the Dreaded White Screen of Death

If you are here because you recently installed a plugin then take a look at this flow chart. Here are some basic steps you can follow to begin debugging a white screen of death if it’s not been caused by a new plugin being installed: SFTP to your document root (email support if you’ve lost […]