Automatic Development Sites

By now you may already know how we provide ultra reliability for your WordPress websites hosted on easyPress by using CNAMEs and DNS/Host monitoring. The added side benefit of this setup which provides automatic failover to redundant systems located in different data centres is that you can very easily create development sites when you request […]

Migrating Your WordPress Data

Here are some scenarios in which you might need to migrate your WordPress data: New domain – Currently your site is hosted on and the URL is but now you bought the domain name and want to host your site there. Development site – Currently your site,, is happily serving your […]

Creating Your New WordPress Site

Whether you are a first time WordPress user or not you may need to build your new site while your existing site continues to run. If you immediately update your DNS settings to point to easyPress what you’ll see is a default installation of WordPress. That’s probably not what you want. So, you have a […]

Configuring Your easyDNS Settings for easyPress

After your site has been provisioned you will receive an email with the information you need to configure your DNS settings. The primary setting is your “A” record. You can find that by logging into your easyDNS account at and then going into your Domain Settings under the Domain Administration page which you can […]

Restricting Access to Your Website

There are times when you want to prevent the world from seeing your website. One reason might be that you are in the process of designing and developing and don’t want to share in your progress since it might not be ready for all eyes. Another reason might be that you only want registered users […]

Setting up a site when your domain is not managed via easyDNS

Given that a core tenet over at easyDNS has always been “to drive a stake through the heart of lock-in in all it’s forms”, it is of course possible to setup your easyPress installation on a domain name that is not managed by easyDNS. To do this you just need to point the DNS for […]

File Permissions or FTP requests in wp-admin

You may experience permissions errors while SFTPing or when attempting to install plugins via wp-admin. Please visit the easyPress console > FIle Permissions and click the button to reset them. This restores everything in your WordPress folder to its proper settings.

Migrating a Site: the import/export method

This is one option for migrating a WordPress website from one host or location to another. For other methods go [doesn’t exist yet] or [doesn’t exist yet]. The native WordPress export and import method is the least thorough option available (other than good old fashion copy paste), but it also the least technical and under certain circumstances […]