How to Flush Your Local DNS Resolver’s Cache

If your computer cannot reach a certain website this could be because your local DNS resolver’s cache contains an outdated record. For example, you updated your DNS records to point to easyPress but instead you are seeing your old website. This is when flushing your DNS cache will speed things up. Here’s how to do […]

Recommendation for Improving Your WordPress SEO

When it comes to search engine optimization (SEO), choosing the right WordPress theme framework becomes critical. Genesis does a great job of doing all the right things for search engine optimization (SEO). You will want to add some kind of analytics tracking to your site so you can gain insight about who is visiting your […]

Choosing a Canonical Website Address

Canoni-what? Canonical is the word used to describe the one address that you want the world to go to when they look you up. The typical choices are whether or not to use www in front of your domain or not. The classic example follows: or Choosing what your canonical website address (URL) […]

Configuring Your DNS Settings for easyPress

NOTE: If you’ve chosen the option to put your new website into development mode then you only need to follow these instructions once you are ready to go live. Your unique CNAME has already been added to our DNS zone. The welcome email contains all the information you need to get started right away! Quick […]

First Steps with Your WordPress Site

Your shiny new site is ready to go, eh. Now what? I have a couple recommendations. Enable “pretty” permalinks under Settings -> Permalinks Typically “Post name” is a good option but you can choose whichever setting you prefer. The reason for doing this is two-fold. First, your URLs just look nicer and secondly your pages […]

Learning WordPress

Here are some great resources for learning how to use WordPress. The Official WordPress User Manual – This is a living document created and maintained by the amazing and dedicated team. Easy WP Guide – You wont find any talk of HTML, PHP or creating WP Themes here. What you will find […]

Restricting Access to Your Website

There are times when you want to prevent the world from seeing your website. One reason might be that you are in the process of designing and developing and don’t want to share in your progress since it might not be ready for all eyes. Another reason might be that you only want registered users […]

Debugging the Dreaded White Screen of Death

If you are here because you recently installed a plugin then take a look at this flow chart. Here are some basic steps you can follow to begin debugging a white screen of death if it’s not been caused by a new plugin being installed: SFTP to your document root (email support if you’ve lost […]

What Is Managed WordPress Hosting?

So what is managed WordPress hosting, anyway? Managed means a few things depending on who you talk to. A finance person would say, “It will reduce our IT costs.”. The IT person would say, “It will improve the security, availability and performance of our system.” The small business owner would say, “It lets me focus […]

Site Unavailable After Switching Themes

If you encounter the infamous white screen of death after switching to another theme then one way to revert back is to make a few changes to your database options table. The option names to search for are the following template stylesheet current_theme Search for each one using the Search feature that’s part of the […]