Optimizing your site for speed is crucial. Response and load times are factors in determining your page rankings on Google. Just one second of additional load time equates to 11% less page views and a 16% decrease in visitor satisfaction. We understand this and our goal is to relieve you of the complexity involved with making WordPress fly. Optimizations at every level of the hardware and software stack including caching is one of our specialties. That means you can focus on your specialties.


easyPress is hardened to prevent bugs in plugins and themes from being leveraged by naughty hackers wanting to do bad things. We adhere to industry best practices, including healthy doses of vigilance and monitoring, which helps you sleep at night knowing your site won’t be the one getting hacked. Of course, even the most protected environments can be infiltrated so we’ll help you clean things up if an unlikely event such as that were to happen.


Hosting with easyPress gives you a team of WordPress, security and web management experts at your fingertips. After working exclusively with WordPress since 2009, we’ve discovered the most effective ways of tuning our platform to be secure, scalable, reliable and most importantly, FAST. We’re experienced and friendly and we love to help our customers build amazing sites. As an easyPress customer you are cordially invited to leverage our knowledge and skill.


We totally get that when you need support, you need it NOW. Instead of filling out a support form or signing up to post to a help forum, we encourage you to give us a call. easyPress understands the urgency of your concern and we respond accordingly. If you’d rather email us, that works too. We’re also on Twitter, so direct messages to @easypresswp is another way to get in touch. And finally, our evolving help pages provide solutions to commonly asked questions.